The Sermon On The Mount

Sermon on the Mount

This is a series preached at Wellspring Church between October 2014 and December 2014 looking at The Sermon On The Mount:

Date: Matthew: Speaker: Supporting:
12 Oct 2014 5:1-12 Jonny Dan
19 Oct 2014 5:13-16 Adrian Jason
26 Oct 2014 5:21-30 Alex Chris
9 Nov 2014 5:38-48 Sam Adrian
16 Nov 2014 6:7-15 Chris Caroline & Jon
23 Nov 2014 6:19-34 Jon Jonny
7 Dec 2014 7:1-12 Jason Dan
14 Dec 2014 7:21-29 Caroline Sam


3 Responses to The Sermon On The Mount

  1. camgriff says:

    Hello, I would love to use this image (Sermon on the Mount) for a Bible Study series I am writing for my church. Any idea who I could ask permission from? Thanks

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